Hey guys! So recently me and the staff team have been working really hard to implement teams into the server! This was a highly requested feature by many so we decided to make it a reality! You can pick bewteen three teams: Team Magma, Team Aqua, and Team Galactic; or you can go solo with no team! Each team has their own stunning and unique secret base. So what are you waiting for? Pick your team! Which will you pick?

Hello everyone! So Thankgiving is coming soon and it's time to be thankful of what we all have. We as the staff team are thankful for having all you amazing players! So as a reward, we decided to start a 10% SALE ON EVERYTHING THROUGHOUT THE NEXT 4 DAYS AND ONE FREE LIMITED TIME TURKEY CRATE WITH EVERY PURCHASE! Thank you all for being a part of this amazing journey so far! 


Blue_Mew Pretty cool.

Thank you all for your paitence with us! We are proud and excited to say that we have oficially released the server! Please make sure to come and join us at:! We will most likely be hosting an event soon so make sure to come join us! Make sure to also check out...


It Is Almost Time! Huge Thanks To Everyone Who Has Been Waiting Patiently For Our Server Release Date! I Have Finally Decided On A Release Date For The Server: October 28th. You Heard Me Right, October 28th. My Staff Team And I Are Extremely Excited To Be Releasing The Server To All Of You In 14 Days. You Guys Will Not Be Dissapointed When You See How Far We Have Come In Only 1 Month! Thank You Again Everyone For Waiting So Patiently! 

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