Merry Christmas everyone ! I know it may not be Christmas yet for many of you but I have decided to release this feature now as it may be for some. I really hope everyone has a merry merry Christmas and the best of Holidays ever. Me and my staff from the bottom of our hearts thank all of you for being such amazing people and being a part of Pixelmon Moonlight's first Christmas! So thank you all for that! As our last think you present from the server/staff to you guys, we are releasing PokeAdventures. PokeAdventures are quests with a backstory behind them with rewards/prizes throughout each quest. And also, because its Christmas, we are opening a limited time quest where you can help Santa save Christmas from the Grinch! This limited time quest also has a limited time and amazing prize available. You guys can access PokeAdventures by doing /warp Pokeadventure. We really hope you guys enjoy this new feature. Please feel free to give us any tips, suggestios, or new maps that you think we should make. Once again, Merry Christmas everyone and thank you for being a part of this amazing journey we have had thus far!

PS: Dont forget that we currently have a 25% Sale on EVERYTHING on the website shop!

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